Ekaterina Skulkina no longer hide son

Екатерина Скулкина перестала скрывать сына Star Comedy Woman celebrated the birthday of his successor Oleg. As a rule, Catherine tries to hide the details of his personal life, but on a special occasion she decided to make an exception. Skulkin shared a photo of the child in social networks.

      Екатерина Скулкина перестала скрывать сына

      40-year-old star Comedy Woman Ekaterina Skulkina celebrated the birthday of their adorable heir Oleg. The boy was eight years old. On this occasion, the artist has published on Facebook a touching message to his son and shared a joint photo with him. On it the son of a celebrity hugging and kissing his mother, and his face is covered by a headdress.

      “Infinity… All people know this number and is used to describe something inconceivably huge. My “something incomprehensibly vast” is eight years old! Son, you’re my infinity! You are my happiness! You’re my love! Happy birthday, Alegasia,” wrote Ekaterina Skulkina in one of his social networks.

      Members joined in congratulating the actress and wished her family all the best. “Peace, happiness, good luck and long life”, “I Wish your son every day a happy mother,” “Let it grow man and man’s man”, “Wonderful photo filled with love,” “tales of good friends, of love, harmony, commitment and health,” wrote the followers of Catherine.

      The Oleg published by Skulking on the Internet was the first photo of the heir. Previously, the star chose to hide the face of his son from his fans. The artist tries to Oleg grew up in a non-public person and therefore protects him from the attention of their fans. But the celebration of the child was the exception to the rule.

      Son of Catherine Skulkina was born in marriage of the actress with Denis Vasiliev. A celebrity prefers not to spread information about his personal life, so fans did not recognize the husband of Catherine. In the interview, the woman said that he tries not to show his spouse to the public. She also reported that thinking about a second child and would like a girl. The chosen star is far from the world of show-business: he works in the medical field. Catherine met Denis when he studied at the Kazan medical University. The fact that Skulkin was going to be a dentist and even managed to work in this field for several years.