Ekaterina Skulkina hurt spectators

Екатерина Скулкина обидела зрителей Some felt that the jokes artist insulted their national feelings. Ekaterina Skulkina hastened to justify himself for the misunderstanding, and the producers of the program Comedy Woman apologized.
Екатерина Скулкина обидела зрителей

Humorous show Comedy Woman be released within nine years. The former participant of KVN team “Megapolis”, the head of Arikan decided to join the girls, who also took part in the popular TV game show and create a new project. Ekaterina Skulkina asks not to compare her with Catherine Barnabas

Recently the program has been in the center of the scandal: last week, TNT showed the room with the participation of Catherine Skulkina playing “mommy” and Catherine Barnabas, Tatiana Morozova and Tamara Turawa depicting girls from the sphere of escort services. At some point between the heroines of Skulking and Aw starts a dispute on the subject, the latter goes to the Ingush curses.

“Ha, during the work learned the Ingush” – retorted Skulkin and wants the offender of the “eat stones”.

As it turned out, a skirmish offended some frozencow Caucasus. Some considered that the text, which pronounced the actress, offensive and hurt their national feelings.

On the reaction of Tamara is not known, but Catherine was quick to apologize to the audience. She stated that she had not intended to offend anyone.

“I, unfortunately, have not seen the text of the scenes the meaning of which so touched the hearts of many people. Personally I have great respect for people of any nationality. This whole situation has been a good experience. Video of the room, which became a bone of contention, was removed from all Internet resources. If it will spread, only of the enemies,” wrote Skulkin Instagram.
Екатерина Скулкина обидела зрителей

Also, the official statement was made by the heads of Comedy Club Production, which is responsible for the output of the program and its content. They stressed that always beat events in the country and focus on national identity. According to the creators of the project, they love their audience and didn’t want to insult them.

“On behalf of the producers of the Comedy Club Production, creators, executives and sponsors of the show Comedy Woman apologize and claimed that this number was created solely for the sake of humor and no subtext at national discrimination, the statement says. – I also want to mention that Ekaterina Skulkina – actress who only plays created for her by the author’s group role, and the company Comedy Club Production is a multi-ethnic and respectful to all its viewers, regardless of their race, nationality and religion”.