Ekaterina Skulkina has decided to retire from Comedy Woman

Екатерина Скулкина приняла решение уйти из Comedy Woman
For a long time Ekaterina Skulkina is forced to be torn in two cities, as it works in Moscow, and the family lives in Kazan.

Екатерина Скулкина приняла решение уйти из Comedy Woman

Catherine often told how her difficult separation from their families. Now the actress decided to leave the project Comedy Woman and reunite with his family.

“Kate visited a long time thought to say goodbye to Comedy Woman, – shared with journalists a relative of Catherine, Alexander Vassiliev. – Constant shooting, events, rehearsals, show-business she was swallowed… Relatives have repeatedly tried to convey to Catherine that it should not be, but her words are superfluous not to say, says: “I make money!”

Now, however, the contract expires and she leaves. To break it, unfortunately, impossible. Once they thought about moving the wife to the capital, Denis refused and remained in Kazan. Raising the 8-year-old son Oleg. He helps Kate’s mother – Lyudmila. She lives with them, always helps, if you need to walk with the boy or make him food. Plus Dan got a job here – got a job in a medical company official representative”.

I think that Catherine is right, since the family would in any case have to take first place in your life.

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