Ekaterina Skulkina dramatically changed the image

Екатерина Скулкина кардинально изменила имидж
Star Comedy Woman decided on a bold experiment with my hair.

Екатерина Скулкина кардинально изменила имидж

Ekaterina Skulkina

Photo: @Instagram eskulkina Catherine Skulkina

Ekaterina Skulkina with the onset of spring was transformed in a radical way. The star of TNT changed the image: her curls have acquired a fashionable shade of pink. The result of the experiment with a way that fans called successful, were published on the official page of Catherine in social networks.

Those who are interested in the life Skulking write the most enthusiastic comments about the looks of Catherine. “Very pretty hair!”, “The color was great! Very refreshing and delicate!”, “What a beauty! Catherine The Great”, “Wow… Unexpected! Cool I like”, “not learn direct, beautiful!” “Wow, what a young and fashionable girl in the frame”, “Oh! Just found out beautiful!” — praise members, the image of Catherine.

Ekaterina Skulkina revealed the secret of his phenomenal weight loss 20 kg

Radical changes in the way Skulking began several years ago when she managed a phenomenally become more slender. Star Comedy Woman then got rid of more than 20 extra pounds. Since then, she feels confident in case of any changes in the image: whether it’s a new hair color or unusual glasses.