Екатерина Семенова стала неузнаваема после омоложения
The actress repeated the fate of the changed Faith Alentova.

Ekaterina Semenova and Andrey Egorov

Photo: Social Networks

At the beginning of January on channel “Russia 1” started on the TV series “Sweetheart”. The main roles were played by Pelageya Nevzorov and Sergey Ugryumov. Disappeared for a time out of sight of the fans of Ekaterina Semenova also play a major role. Returning to work, the actress impressed fans with changes in their appearance.

Many viewers didn’t recognize Semenov, which, as suggested by the fans, changed the appearance through plastic surgery. Catherine is now compared with Vera Alentova. In light of how things have changed after going to the surgeon, the wife of Vladimir Menshov, this comparison can not be called a compliment, because Alentova lists headed by “mutilated plastic stars”.

“What modern women do? What for?”That “can and should be aging beautifully and not so”, “Face shot up with Botox, looks like a doll…”write to Network users. However, there were those who considered criticism a 46-year-old actress in vain. Many have suggested that Semenov starred in makeup, which added to her ten years. “People, don’t be so angry! It is clear that it is specially aged for filming!”— write the defenders Semenova.

By the way, Catherine never hid the fact that he enjoys the “beauty shots” to look younger. “My beautician regularly comes to my house to make “beauty shots”. Yes, creams will, undoubtedly, affect the skin, but only its upper layers, and injections deliver nutrients much deeper. But it is important not to overdo it. In 25 years, while the body itself can still produce collagen, it is impossible to plant the skin at all ready to give her the vitamins from the outside — let it work itself! It is also important to do all procedures in the correct sequence and systematically,” — said Semenov in interview 7days.ru