Ekaterina Odintsova remembered happy times with Boris Nemtsov

Екатерина Одинцова вспомнила о счастливых временах с Борисом Немцовым In his ex-wife murdered politician published a family photo, which found a response among subscribers. The woman congratulated late ex-husband happy birthday and expressed hope that human death is not the end of his life.

      Ekaterina Odintsova on his page on “Instagrame” he shared with followers a photo, which depicted the head of the family Boris Nemtsov and the younger heirs of daughter Dina, and son Anton. The ex-wife of the deceased policy decided not to break tradition and congratulate late husband’s birthday. Subscribers reacted to the message of the mother of two children and wrote their wishes and farewell.

      “Today is the birthday of a loved one, whom we will always remember and love. With him everything was filled with energy and meaning, was never bored. And I believe that life is eternal, that the date of birth and date of death – just many point on the infinite line of life,” signed photograph of Odintsova.

      Subscribers touched by the recognition of Ekterina, and they decided not to stay away. Many decided to recall the infamous events of 2015, when Nemtsov was shot dead in downtown Moscow during a walk with his young companion. Part of the Network users do not have to hide what still can’t accept the loss and do not believe what happened. Someone wished Catherine forces and was surprised at her persistence. For followers it is very important that children grow up in the warmth and care that they can give the mother and next-of-kin.

      Odintsova often shares moments from his personal life. In her profile in Instagram are often photos with children during a joint weekend or holidays. Every time members noted that Catherine keeps the memory of Boris and occasionally nostalgic for the days when they were together. She sometimes publishes photos from the family archives many years ago that people become echoes of bygone years.

      Children of Boris Nemtsov learn to live without a father

      “Beautiful and happy family in the photo. Light memory!”, “We need to enjoy every passing minute!”, “We all remember and never forget, there are very few people!”, “Beautiful family,very beautiful children you have! Let them have the rest of life is good. Nemtsov is also a beautiful man,God bless him,” wrote members in the “instagrame.

      After the assassination public in February 2015 ex-spouse and children Nemtsov are fighting over the inheritance. For a long time in mass media there was information about the new candidates for the assets of Boris, vsplyvala different details of his personal life. Anyway, Ekaterina remains a strong woman who skillfully runs his own business and married with a son and daughter who are sensitive to what is happening. The son of Boris Nemtsov and Catherine Odintsov met my first love

      “I had not previously posted are homemade photo. Shy for some reason and did not want to let outsiders into the inner world of our family. But now, when some ladies who the whole family seems samozvanci, pour slander on our good name, I decided to show how great of a father was Boris, and he loved our children!” – signed one of the photos Odintsova.