Ekaterina Kuznetsova saved fan of the show “Kitchen”

Екатерину Кузнецову спас поклонник сериала «Кухня»
The actress came to the rescue a complete stranger.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova in the TV series “Kitchen”

Photo: STS

Ekaterina Kuznetsova told how I got into extreme situations.

“It happened a few days ago, — says the actress. — I was going to shoot, realizing that quite late. On the way saw
there’s enough fuel in the tank. But, in my estimation, it would be enough miles to forty. And
car stalled on the Third ring road in the tunnel”.

Everything went very poorly. Kuznetsova in the car in the middle lane, and past at great speed rushing streams of cars. She took the phone and saw with horror the inscription on the screen: “SIM card

“I was cold sweat broke out,” continues the actress. — But I understand that in such situations, crying is useless, you need
act. I pulled myself together, put on the hazard lights the car, and somehow defected
through the stream… Getting out of the tunnel, rushed into the first alley. From there
taxied the machine I am to her. The driver sees me and says, “Oh, Alex singer,
is that you?!” “Yes, and I will now sing.” And busily get in the car. Explain: ”
PE me, I’m blonde, I can think of anything, but I have demagnetized
SIM card and the car with an empty tank”. He says: “Yes, okay, you decide

They traveled three refills and there was no need of fuel! Finally, luck. “And just at that moment the driver recognized me, — Katya smiles. Says: “You’re not Alex, you are the actress from “Kitchen”. I
love you, my wife too.” Began to buy diesel, and it turned out,
I have no cash, only dollars. I stretch him $ 50. And he
says: “I will not take, it is an honor to help you”. It was a unique day.
Restoring a SIM card, I called, apologized. It turned out that looking for
me, a friend has upset the whole of Moscow…”

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