Ekaterina Kolisnichenko told about the torments after another plastics

Екатерина Колисниченко поведала о муках после очередной пластики The reality star feels bad after the operation. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko still feels weak, although it’s been a few days. When previous surgical interventions, ex-member of telestroke recovered much faster.

Recently former participant of “House-2” moved lipolifting. It was reoperation for Catherine Kolisnichenko. As a girl, she even had to gain a few extra pounds. The star of the TV show dreamed of a Brazilian butt, how many foreign celebrities. Kolisnichenko admitted that this time he did not feel comfortable after surgery. She was much harder to move away from the anesthesia.

“The operation seems to be okay went. But something I am so baked! Early after surgery I hop — stepped from the anesthesia, ate their potatoes with a cutlet, home already gone, you’re done. When was the second rhinoplasty, it was hard, because the rib “cocane” was there from the rib he took the cartilage of the nose. And this time it was not so…” – said Catherine.

According to the ex-participant of the TV show, she woke up too early when I was still on the operating table. “Felt like I shifted, it was too painful. I was then sedated, but it’s so uncomfortable! And then this: “She wasn’t supposed to sleep on your back, put her on her stomach!” I’m one of those who sleeps on his back constantly. For me it was a hell of night,” – said Kolesnichenko.

The girl stopped to put posts on Instagram for a while, explaining that she is not feeling well. Fans believe that Catherine too keen on plastic, so constantly does some operations to improve yourself. Besides, Kolisnichenko now almost like her sister Julia Alibekova with which it was once as two drops of water.

About two months later, Kate will be able to evaluate the result after surgery. The first time her body will be bruising and swelling. However, the girl is going through on one occasion.

“Honestly, I think my head is something wrong: either it is residual effect from the anesthesia or something. I was even afraid of it,” admitted Kate in an interview with reporters Dom2Life.ru.

Earlier, Kate did double the nose and changed the shape of the breast. Sometimes, however, the effect did not meet expectations and she had to re-apply in the clinic.