Ekaterina Kolisnichenko rhinoplasty. PHOTO

Екатерина Колисниченко сделала ринопластику. ФОТО The star of “House-2” has shared with “StarHit” the frame after surgery. The girl continues to adjust its appearance. The designer went under the surgeon’s knife to correct the shape of the nose. According to Catherine, the procedure was successful.

      Екатерина Колисниченко сделала ринопластику. ФОТО

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko rhinoplasty. The girl turned to the proven expert who previously helped her to improve the shape of the buttocks. The designer has warned subscribers about the upcoming surgery and explained that has never been corrected nose.

      “I didn’t have rhinoplasty, though many of you I have successfully attributed. Of course, the sculptor of my new nose was going to be my favorite surgeon Gayk Pavlovic Babayan,” wrote Catherine in the microblog.

      At the moment she is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery. Her doctor recommended an ex-member of telestroke to wear a patch that fixes the “new” nose. Babayan also not advised Catherine to sport, as physical activity during the recovery period is contraindicated.

      “I feel fine. The feeling is like sore throat sick. Cannot breathe through the nose. Under eye swelling, difficult to watch. But all right,” Catherine shared the details of his condition with “StarHit”.
      Екатерина Колисниченко сделала ринопластику. ФОТО

      Kolisnichenko claims that in 10 days she’ll go dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the face subsides by the weekend. On Thursday, Katie a follow-up visit to the doctor that will check her nose. The designer said that during the surgery she experienced severe pain.

      “I even easily moved away from the anesthesia, I was shaking. Just a little head aches. Uncomfortable to eat with a stuffy nose and also swallow as ears pop. Tolerated easier than plastic Breasts,” said Kate.
      Екатерина Колисниченко сделала ринопластику. ФОТО

      At the disposal of “StarHit” were the images Kolisnichenko with a bandage. The photos show that gypsum binds a little facial expressions and does not allow her wide open eyes. However, she has no regrets about the surgery.

      “A new nose will bring you more confidence. Fans and so much love me either. I think that it would be easier to be photographed, don’t have to choose camera angles to look prettier. Already in the plaster you can see, my beautiful nose. I advise everyone to change for the better” – said Kolesnichenko thanked the surgeon Nut Babayan.

      Many followers Catherine suggested that she decided on a rhinoplasty after a divorce, as she wants to once again meet a new love. Recall that the reality star was married to Nikita kapelus, however, the fall the couple decided to terminate the marriage.