Ekaterina Kolisnichenko left the wife because of problems in bed

Екатерина Колисниченко ушла от супруга из-за проблем в постели The girl said, why not longer live with her husband. According to the former participant “Houses-2” she and Nikita had difficulty during intimacy. Besides, the man admitted that he lacked communication with his wife.

      The divorce of Catherine Kolisnichenko and Nikita kapelus became known at the end of September this year. The girl herself told about the breakup with her husband on the social network page. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has moved to another apartment and started a new life. In order to recover, it is completely deepened in the clothing store. And just a week ago Catherine did fat grafting – pumped fatty tissue from problem areas. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko increases the buttocks after separation from her husband. She probably wanted to improve the appearance, to again feel welcome. The girl admitted that one of the reasons for parting with Nikita were problems in bed.

      “Every time intimacy gave me pain. And instead of to give advice, Nikita discussed this point with my mother that I learned that I was frigid. However, before marriage, in relationships with other men similar to pain I experienced. It was all very unpleasant,” said Catherine.

      According to Kolesnichenko, the husband didn’t want to leave and staged tantrums. Even in this matter they were trying to suggest something mother of Nikita. The woman suggested to wait six years, as with time things can improve. Himself Kate’s husband also did not deny that they were faced with serious intimacy issues.

      “Intimacy we have with Katya was rare, but it is not important. Before the girl in me adored the plan, but the wife had some sort of fear, she was afraid to feel the pain, despite the fact that I treated her very carefully. With Katya, I unaccustomed to intimacy: she had twenty minutes, and I wanted to do “magic” for half an hour and more,” – said kapelus in an interview with “House-2”.

      We will remind that Ekaterina and Nikita met at the club, where the young man worked as a DJ. A few months later he made her an offer of marriage. Kolisnichenko happily took it, as the two and a half years on the project she was unable to find the chosen one: she had a painful relationship with Phillip Alexeev and singer Oleg Miami.