Ekaterina Kolisnichenko horrified by the “sagging” of the nose after surgery

Екатерина Колисниченко в ужасе от «просевшего» носа после операции The star of “House-2” is going to go under the surgeon’s knife. In February of this year, Ekaterina Kolisnichenko has changed the shape of the nose. However, soon she will go to a second procedure, as she had problems.
Екатерина Колисниченко в ужасе от «просевшего» носа после операции

Many girls dream by all means to achieve the reference appearance. They go to plastic surgeons where mercilessly “redraws” the face and body for stunning results. Despite the fact that modern medicine works miracles every body responds to external stimuli differently.

In February of this year, the star of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko decided to change the shape of the nose. The girl did not expect that the effects of surgery would be so dire.

“At the end of September I will go to Peter to do a rhinoplasty. The first operation was unsuccessful, there is a noticeable asymmetry. Most likely, you will have to make the fence of the cartilage from the ears or even from the rib, as the previous surgeon left very little material. The nose dipped,” admitted Catherine.

Kolisnichenko disappointed because she had dreamed of that perfect look will give her more confidence. However, now she will have to survive the rehabilitation period and hope that this time she will achieve a good result.

“A new nose will bring you more confidence. Fans and so much love me either. I think that it would be easier to be photographed, don’t have to choose camera angles to look prettier. Already in the plaster you can see, my beautiful nose. I advise everyone to change for the better”, – said Ekaterina after surgery in February.

Changes in appearance brought the star of “House-2” the success in his personal life. During summer vacation, she met a young man whom carefree time. However, the man lives in another country, but because she wasn’t sure about the duration of the novel and had no illusions on this score. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko showed “battered” chest

“We talk on the phone several times a week. According to him, I’m the only one with which he would like to be, to stay all the time to be there to talk. While it feels right to communicate. I am very pleased when he asked how I was doing. Sometimes even consult with each other on some issues. Hopefully in the near future will come to him, he wants to arrange a photo session,” – said Kolesnichenko.

It is likely that after repeated surgical intervention it will become more attractive to men. As admitted Kolisnichenko conversation with the newspaper “Дом2Life”, she hopes for a favorable outcome of the operation.