Ekaterina Klimova wrote the mother in “puteshestviia”

Екатерина Климова записала маму в «путешествионеры»
Svetlana is the mastermind behind all star trips family.

Photo: Instagram

Finally it became known as Ekaterina Klimova can cope with four children. The thing is — grandma! More precisely, in the mother of actress Svetlana Vladimirovna. All her life she has dedicated home and raising children, now cares for grandchildren.

Svetlana Vladimirovna in this year marks 66 years. She looks beautiful (again, I can see where Catherine went to beauty) and leads an active lifestyle. The actress fondly calls his mother “My girl”.

Even during the holidays family friendly not part. Kids actress and she can’t imagine a holiday without grandma. Moreover, all tourist trips she organizes itself! For this, Klimova was awarded to Svetlana Vladimirovna new post — “puteshestviia”.

“With the advent of grandchildren my mother was a real “puteshestviia, — says Ekaterina. — Because it is a long holiday we go together! Mothers are always there! She’s our chief inspirer: what country to go, how interesting and, most importantly, for the benefit of all to spend a vacation. The priority is sea, sun and fresh air. All that is lacking to us city dwellers!”