Екатерина Климова переживает из-за отношений с 14-летней дочерью

Hard to believe, but the young, charming, slim and charming actress Ekaterina Klimova four children. Despite the attempts of the stars of the film “We from the future” to pay due attention to each child, at the moment there are differences in dealing with the eldest daughter.

She is now in such a period of his maturity, when you receive a new circle of friends and interests, to some extent changed the views on life, and my mother’s opinion becomes less credible.

As recognized by Catherine, she sees and feels, as a daughter moves away and wants to return to a time when all the kids were little: “I Can say to myself that, of course, I’m getting older, my parenting tactics will be different, and the needs of other already – quoted by the star press. I want to love more, to spend more time together, at home, in the family circle. But at the same time the eldest daughter just needs less and less in my society, and I understand that now, when I’m ready for her to give something, it closes, she has her own world. And if before, when I said, “You need your own room”, she cried and didn’t want to sleep alone, now she closes the door and, frankly, not always waiting for me”.

Klimov noted that childhood Lisa just coincided with the peak of the busy mom at work, because the girl was often deprived of her attention. Now, when such an urgent need in the work sleeping, a daughter suddenly grew up: “I Already want to start making your money work for you, and you just worked and lived only for pleasure. To be able to communicate more with children, she said. – The worst thing – I recently realized that I love to lie with their children in the hospital, because at that time belong only to the child, and specific. Got nowhere to be, nobody to call, nothing true home, not leaving, but you can safely read, to communicate.”

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