Ekaterina Klimova told how much to spend on appearance

Екатерина Климова рассказала, сколько тратит на внешность
The actress shared her beauty secret.

Photo: Instagram

At first glance, Ekaterina Klimova will never say that this frail and defenceless girl — a mother of four children, and next year it will be 40 years. However, the second, third, and tenth opinion did not say.

Members (especially female) are wondering what is so special about the actress does to look so great. The same question is raised by many colleagues of Catherine on the set. Klimova has frankly told about their beauty secrets of TV presenter Natalia Barbier on the filming of “a Perfect repair” on the First channel.

“I can honestly admit I work a lot, — says Ekaterina. — If you’re playing a performance on the stage and give it your all, then one night you lose up to two pounds! I love sport and fitness, but they do not always have the time. But the artists are the seasons of “downtime”, it may not work a month a year… And if I have a, at this time I am actively involved in sports. Facials I only trust the experts. Not sushestvuet one recipe that fits all. It is important to face and body to the experts who you trust. The woman, of course, you need NEVER to save myself. If you have the opportunity to spend ten thousand dollars on his appearance — spend without thinking!”

Meanwhile, Klimov never tires of repeating that its methods of self-care may not work for others because each person is different. She several times wrote openly about this in his personal blog.

“I am a movie and theatre actress, not a professional blogger, not a nutritionist, not a therapist and certainly not a medical professional, she wrote. — If you have the desire to work hard, to follow the appearance, to deal with health and style, contact the professionals. I always give the same advice in his interview: we are all different (age, diagnoses and external data)! Please be vigilant and don’t be lazy to have your own experience , and not blindly follow someone else’s advice. Everything is very individual! I always suggest only what you have an idea, but never itself will not listen to anyone except the authorities!”