Ekaterina Klimova started talking about spending 15-year-old daughter

Екатерина Климова заговорила о тратах 15-летней дочери The actress told how contains the heiress. According to Ekaterina Klimova, the girl already has your Bank account, to which the relatives transfer funds. As recognized movie star, she carefully controls how Lisa uses the money.

      Many fans admire as the daughter of Ekaterina Klimova similar to his stellar mom. Some followers of the actress think she has all chances to become a model. However, the 15-year-old heiress is not yet thinking about what profession to choose. Ekaterina Klimova told that Lisa was pleased with her success. Fortunately star mom, daughter in the whole prefers to keep a low profile and does not give reason for concern.

      “In 15 years I wanted it all: a pin in the ear, ripped jeans, bright lipstick. Perhaps this is due to the time that we lived in the Soviet Union were all the same, I wanted to stand out. But today’s youth to fight with anyone. And I was even pleased that Lisa has never had addiction no pink ribbons, no black leather jackets with spikes. The main principle of her style is comfort. I’m very impressed, and it might not in time but in character. She feels confident, and she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone,” – said Klimov.

      According to the actress, their daughter established enough trust. Catherine admits that he loves the moments when she manages to talk to Lisa alone. Klimova is trying not to spoil the child. Female control, where a girl spends their savings. The actress believes that the heiress is making progress, while planning your budget.

      “A year ago I gave Lisa a card with a certain amount, and told all the grandparents, her dad and relatives that if they want they can give her daughter the money she will spend on what I want. And I was pleasantly surprised that in all that time she very rarely used his account and spent some sane amount. This card is tied to my phone, so I know about all the write-offs. While it is not necessary to spend more. All that she wants, buy my father,” explained the actress.

      Recall that Lisa was born, when Klimov started his career in the theater. Then a young star married a jeweler by Ilya Horoshilovym. As told to Catherine in an interview with “7 days”, she had to take little Lisa with him to rehearsal, since the baby had no one to leave. Now star has learned to manage and work and raise children.