Екатерина Климова жестко высказалась о женщинах старше 40 лет The actress is not worried about his own age. Ekaterina Klimova does not understand those who without due respect concerns to their appearance. Despite the heavy workload, she always finds time to care for the skin.
Екатерина Климова жестко высказалась о женщинах старше 40 лет

Famous actress Ekaterina Klimova in January was 40 years old. The actress is married to her colleague Gela Meskhi and has four children – Lisa, Korney, Matthew, and little Bella. Many fans intently cope, not only for her work and roles, as well as the life of her family. For many, the actress is a role model. Ekaterina Klimova is not afraid of comparisons with the grown-up daughter

Despite the fact that fans admire her appearance, Catherine herself did not consider herself a beauty. In the beginning of its work people from the film industry urged to change her face through plastic surgery. However, Klimov glad I listened to this opinion, even without this, she got role in film and theater. Unlike many artists, who with horror perceives his age and is afraid to be “outside” of the profession, Catherine calmly accepts every passing year.

“There is a phrase, cruel, perhaps, but honest: “After forty years of nature, we do not need”. You already did its job: gave birth to a child, had accomplished something in the profession. All that remains is to continue to live in the world you are not rejected. And there is already someone in that much: some rush to deal with health, others with appearance. Everyone has their own way,” says Klimova.
Екатерина Климова жестко высказалась о женщинах старше 40 лет

The actress admits that with time and experience Actresses are only getting easier to work with. In her opinion, now I listen to her opinion more often, but because it can make their adjustments in the role.

Catherine confesses that she no longer feels the thrill wears a fancy dress, doing hair and makeup. She’s much more comfortable without makeup. However, she did not understand why some women refer to their appearance without due respect. She believes that it is not the presence or absence of money – even with small investments you can look attractive.

“Personally, I do not accept that a young 30-year-old woman walking around with gray hair. If it is not possible to go to a salon, buy the paint! Do at least a little for yourself,” shares Catherine.

Klimov said in an interview Woman.ru that always tries to find time for yourself. Even if her busy schedule, she does not forget about daily skin care. Ekaterina is delighted that the range of funds that are now available to every woman.