Екатерина Климова показала подросших детей
The actress went on holidays to Spain.

Klimova children: Matthew, Lisa and Roots

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova is not often spoils fans with photos of their children. And if her elder daughter Lisa already have their own microblog, fresh pictures of Matthew and of Korney, the Network practically does not appear. Recently, the actress decided to show the grown heirs and issued a joint photo of the guys who now rest with her mother to Spain.

The portrait made near the Playground, to complete the picture lacks only ten months old his name — the youngest daughter Klimova. Catherine does not yet publish photos of the baby.

Children of the actress attracted a huge number of compliments in the comments. “Such a wonderful Mowgli!”, “Handsome guys!”, “Wow! As the boy in the cap for dad (Igor Petrenko) is like!” — wrote fans.

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter Catherine has already becomes accustomed to independent travel. Recently, she returned from a trip to lake Baikal. It was the first of such a long separation, and she is very not easy and mother and daughter. So much so that the usually restrained public expression of feelings Klimova even shared experiences from a long absence Lisa.

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