Екатерина Климова поделилась чувственным снимком с женатым актером
The actress staged a provocation on the Network.

Ekaterina Klimova and Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova before bedtime “blew up” social networking romantic picture. The actress was photographed in a passionate embrace Gosha Kutsenko during a rehearsal on the same project. The actors, as expected by real professionals, very believable portrayed lovers, than has provoked a heated discussion with fans of the novel possible.

Piquancy of the situation added the intriguing caption, left Catherine in the commentary on the image: “it will seem strange, but I love to write. I love to write essays, letters. Love to write to you. It’s like that talk to you in your absence when you can’t interrupt me. Each person must write at least one letter a week. It’s a dying art, and it must save…”

Fans reacted to the joint portrait of the two stars of the Russian cinema. “A husband is not jealous of these pictures?”, “As sensually. But second halves are unlikely to enjoy this frame,” wrote fans Klimova.

Meanwhile, Kutsenko last month, again became a father. The actor and his wife Irene, Skrinichenko a daughter who was named Svetlana. 50-year-old actor took a small break from work to spend time with family, and recently returned to filming and rehearsals.