Ekaterina Klimova published a picture of his mother

Екатерина Климова опубликовала снимок своей мамы
Famous actress Ekaterina Klimova, despite the fact that is an active user of the social network, about his personal life trying to spread.

Екатерина Климова опубликовала снимок своей мамы

Recently, the actress made an exception and issued a joint picture with her mother. Catherine said that her mother helps with raising four children.

“With the advent of grandchildren my mother Svetlana was a real Puteshestviia! Because it is a long holiday we go together! Mothers are always there. She’s our chief inspirer: what country to go, how interesting and, most importantly, for the benefit of all to spend a vacation. The priority of sea, sun and fresh air. All that is lacking to us, urban residents,” — said Klimov.

Fans admired the mother of the actress, and noticed that a mother should be protected, because it is such a treasure.

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