Ekaterina Klimova has shared a photo of the grown-up daughter

Екатерина Климова поделилась фотографией подросшей дочки
2-year-old Bella still refused nipples.

Photo: Instagram

Many do not know how Ekaterina Klimova taken so much effort and time. She manages everything: to work and to devote time to themselves, and to deal with children. And the actress, among other things, four! The oldest daughter Elizabeth for 15 years. Sons Matthew and Roots is preparing to enter into a difficult adolescence, 11 and 9 years respectively. And the actress is growing up the youngest daughter of the actress with the original name Bella. In September of this year she turned 2 years, and all the relatives can say with confidence that Bella is now the center of the star family.

Catherine rarely shares photos of younger girls with fans, but today I couldn’t resist. The actress has wished all his followers good morning and illustrated it with a “good morning” photo of a mischievous Bella and sleepy himself.

To avoid unnecessary discussion about nipples — and they would certainly have appeared online, as the local regulars always have to someone else’s life, the actress has disabled the ability to comment on photos. But now the positive-minded fans Klimova can enjoy a new photo of beloved actress and her little daughter.