Ekaterina Klimova has seriously hurt his son

Екатерина Климова серьезно обидела сына The actress spoke about the education of adorable children. Despite the fact that Catherine had a very busy schedule she never forgets about her family. Klimov told reporters that once stumped his heir Korney.

      Actress Ekaterina Klimova – a caring mother, who is raising four children, Lisa, Matthew, of Corneille, and little Bella, born last fall. A woman manages to combine work and education of heirs. Recently Klimov spoke about his large and happy family.

      Catherine confessed that she was a very strict mother. The woman also revealed that sometimes she did not have enough time to communicate with the heirs, so the artist is not always something to explain to them. According to Klimova, this can cause problems in family relationships. Celebrity also frankly told him how one day seriously hurt his son, placing him in a dead end with your question.

      “As you say Korney: “why recently scream, behave like a girl?” Seen this remark it seemed to him offensive. And at the end of the night the son goes, “Mom, you told me that I act like a girl. Why you behave like a man?” And I got to thinking, I realized that the Roots have hit the nail on the head: “you Know, son, now is the time. Women have become strong, firm, standing on their feet, achieved a lot”. Do not know good or bad, but this is the trend,” he told the star.

      By the way, in another interview, Klimov admitted that he tries to be a friend to children. So, the actress and her eldest daughter Lisa, one size clothing so they share things and even cosmetics. Catherine doesn’t prevent the girl to put on makeup and joy is her company while shopping. She Klimov is trying to tell the heiress what to wear and what makeup to do. According to celebrity, she is glad that Lisa has his own taste.

      We will remind that Ekaterina Klimova is married to actor Gela Meskhi. Secret wedding artists was held in June last year. Celebrities are reluctant to share with the journalists the details of his personal life, believing that happiness loves silence. In conversation with representatives of mass media Meskhi admitted that marriage with Klimova bonded their relationship. The man also said that they appreciated the beloved’s affection, care and warmth that she gives him.

      By the way, not so long ago on the NTV channel started showing the series of the adventure movie “the Guardian”. In the new project, Catherine has played the role of a police major, and her husband was playing a character witness a strange crime. Klimova said the publication of “Antenna-Telesem” that their personal relationship did not affect the work on the series.