Екатерина Климова раскрыла секрет вечной молодости
The actress cares about their health.

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Klimova has shared his beauty secret,
and did the actress with her inherent sense of humor.

“I often hear from fans
a request to share their beauty secrets and give advice, as I am in my 170 years
look good, — smiling star. One of them, to be beautiful,
first thing you need to be healthy. And understand it only with years. My
the main one in this issue — the massage pad. I preobrela it after
pregnancy and since then do not leave them in either the house or during travel. It
an indispensable thing for those who have back pain or if you want to quickly put
in shape. For example, after pregnancy. Fall on him, brand-new stick
in the skin and thus improve circulation”.

Taking care of health, Klimov lead a healthy lifestyle and says,
to always remain beautiful and young, you need to eat right and

By the way, one of the secrets of her chiseled figure — ordinary cheese. Klimova
admitted that loves this product not only she, but all her household.

“Cheese in our family loved it. Usually for Breakfast we have pancakes with
cheese, cheesecakes, quiches, or just cheese whipped with a mixer with berries –
it is favorite foods, ” says Catherine. —Moreover, it is not only
tasty, but very useful, because with cottage cheese contains a lot of calcium, which
necessary for children and adults. So I’m happy to join
social marathon “Three dairy products per day.”

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