Ekaterina Klimova has publicly confessed to her husband in love

Екатерина Климова публично призналась мужу в любви The actress congratulated his wife Gela Meskhi happy birthday and wrote in social networks about your feelings for him. This act was very surprised fans, because the star rarely puts pictures with her husband. The couple had married in June 2015 and will soon celebrate a year of marriage.

      Екатерина Климова публично призналась мужу в любви

      Ekaterina Klimova rarely shows family footage with her husband in their social networks. Today, however, the star decided to share a photo with her husband, 30-year-old Gela Meskhi, after all, may 13, he celebrates his anniversary.

      “Happy birthday, my beloved husband. Thank you for everything. Love. Be happy,” wrote Catherine in the picture where they’re together with Gela enjoying Breakfast at one of the restaurants.

      Fans of the stars have aligned with your wishes to her greeting. “I wish you happiness for years to come!”, “Happy birthday Gela! You and another hundred years to live in love and harmony with each other!”, “Happy birthday Gela! The finest actor, the embodiment of masculinity on screen, I think that in the life of Gela is the same. Creative success, interesting roles, love, health” – such nice words left followers “Instagram” Klimova.

      We will remind that Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi were married on 5 June 2015, before that the couple lived a long time in a civil marriage. The lovers met on the set of the film “the Wolf sun”. According to the actress, she was going through a period that didn’t want love and relationships, and tried to immerse himself in work. However, Gela was very persistent and showed signs of attention to the star. He tried to appear the same place was Klimov. “He is a very correct built, felt themselves necessary to maintain, so I again opened my heart,” said in an interview with the actress.

      Meskhi offered his beloved to get married several times: in Jerusalem and in new York. But only in the romantic setting of Paris, the Eiffel tower, the actress said “Yes”. A few months later, the couple already had a daughter, Bella. The name she chose actor, who became a father for the first time. By the way, Klimova has three more children from previous marriages: 14-year-old daughter Lisa and two sons Matthew and Roots.

      Ekaterina Klimova did not want to build relationships with Gela Meskhi

      Relationship with Gela Klimov does not advertise: they rarely appear together in public. Star, taught by bitter experience, is afraid that her happiness could someone jinx. After the divorce with Igor Petrenko, many condemned the singer that she quickly remarried. Klimov pays no attention to such criticism, she knew it was much better than grieving all day long.

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