Екатерина Климова пережила тяжелую депрессию
The actress recalled a difficult period of his life.

Ekaterina Klimova and her daughter Lisa

Ekaterina Klimova, which always produces
the impression of a radiant, happy and cheerful girl, admitted that in
her life there were times when I wanted to “climb the wall”.

“Remember when I gave birth to Lisa, his
the eldest daughter. Then, like work, success, probably more than that
other. A year and a half I sat with Lisa on maternity leave: no
nannies, nurseries, only the help of grandmothers. And I covered the real
postnatal depression, says the actress in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.
— I lowered my hands, I decided that there is nothing new to me in this profession
will happen. Don’t like it when secular magazines to seriously begin
to argue on religious topics, but to me then it really happened
an ordinary miracle.

I’m a believer, but not deep
Church-going. Remember, come to the temple in despair, standing crying, put candles
all the saints, who knew just one more icon of the Holy Martyr
Anastasia. I pass by it, and I have a friend actress Anastasiya Busygina,
introduced us, by the way, the Theater of the Russian army. Give, I think, Nastya’s health
put. I don’t even remember, told her the story or still not, but at the
same day I called and was told that I was approved in the series “Poor Nastya”.
Only after some time comparing the two events, I realized: it’s a miracle that
would change my life. This is what happened”.

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