Ekaterina Klimova hard going through the loss of a loved one

Екатерина Климова тяжело переживает потерю родного человека
The actress shared the emotional story with fans.

Ekaterina Klimova with the Pope — Alexander

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova shared their emotions in a difficult day for her. On the eve of her beloved father, Alexander would have turned 66 years old if he hadn’t died about six years ago. The actress still can not get over bereavement and so dedicated to his deceased father is touching and very emotional message.

“Wise, kind, love… All are yours, and green eyes with speckles and ragged ears and a snub nose and dark skin. And of course, fart! All your legacy forever with me! Surprisingly, it’s been 6 years, but when we arrived you have always fresh flowers from friends and that explains a lot!” — Catherine wrote in his microblog.

The birth of her granddaughter — his name Alexander, unfortunately, is not caught. However, with other children of the actress: Elizabeth, Corneille and Matthew to babysit still managed. By the way, that round-the-clock care to their heirs does not give Klimova for a long time to fall into despair. Three older children go to school, but little Bella while that requires attention more than others. The actress always tries to be there for the baby. Even in the busiest work days, Klimova always finds time to walk or just to play with Bella.