Ekaterina Klimova don’t like yourself without makeup

Екатерина Климова не нравится себе без макияжа

38-year-old star made fun of your photo in social networks.

Many stars are not ashamed to go out in public and even share on social networks pictures without makeup. Women show that they are ordinary people who, too, are the bruises under the eyes, but natural beauty always wins against the evening makeup.

38-year-old Klimov often puts in Instagram pictures without makeup, that gathers hundreds of compliments from fans.

At this time, Catherine shared the messy hair without makeup and signed: “to the Witch of makeup”.

“Very nice. Her and makeup are not needed,” “you look beautiful, even without makeup, No makeup even better,” “Perfect,” admired the natural beauty of the stars subscribers.

Indeed, in the age of 38 outwardly Catherine barely falls short of 30! Perfect smooth skin and no wrinkles.

By the way, the actress admitted that she has too little time left to care for themselves. But Catherine knows little tricks that will be useful for each girl that lives at a fast pace. For example, when the hair after every wash Klimov rinses them with cold water.