Екатерина Климова считает себя плохой матерью The actress may not pay enough attention to the family. Ekaterina Klimova admitted that because of the abundance of projects she spends little time at home. When a spare moment, the artist is trying to communicate with the sons, and daughters.
Екатерина Климова считает себя плохой матерью

Ekaterina Klimova has for many years been considered one of the most successful Actresses of Russia. A young woman works successfully as on Comedy and dramatic roles. However, she manages to care for four children.

In a recent interview Klimov admitted that he reproaches himself for inattention to the sons and daughters. She is often absent at home for several days, and then trying to catch up.

“I feel naturally maternal conscience. It seems that I’m a bad mother, a bad wife, a bad friend… But, first of all, I’m just a very busy actress. Now planning a vacation, I hope nothing goes wrong. First and foremost, you need to restore yourself is selfish, no kids, one without — and become again adequate woman. And then to catch up,” said Catherine.

The actress admitted that she is often offended with the closest friends. The fact that young women often don’t have time even for short meetings with friends. However, Klimov can’t donate to a favorite work, because it is increasingly offered interesting roles.

In recognition Klimova, her children show incredible maturity. They learned to care for each other and always try to protect the family.

“Always looking for opportunities to pay attention to everything: to be alone with the eldest daughter or only with boys. To go with them to the sea or only small. In a large family of children trained on each other. Anything can happen: tears and fights, but what happened, they have each other. Most importantly, what I could only dream of my kids friends,” he told the star.

Klimov admits that a strict mother. In those moments when she is close to loved ones, try to take educational chances, but sometimes goes too far. And yet, the star is incredibly fond of the heirs, doing everything for their own happiness.

Catherine has repeatedly called one of the most attractive Actresses of the Russian cinema. However, the star has repeatedly admitted that she, like every woman, had problems associated with age. So, in an interview for the portal Woman.ru she noted that for a long time not chasing youthfulness. Klimova feels comfortable in 40 years. She’s still incredibly popular in the profession, loved ones, and it considers the most important.