Екатерину Климову беспокоят трудности в общении с дочкой The actress feels that 14-year-old Lisa away from her. Girl immersed in their own world and no longer requires the constant attention of well-known mum. Ekaterina Klimova is experiencing because of the relationship with his daughter, but realizes that it is not more than the period that needs to survive.

      Екатерину Климову беспокоят трудности в общении с дочкой

      Increasingly stellar parents began to tell to journalists about the difficult period which they have to survive in the relationship with their children. There are cases when the celebrities communicate with the heirs is difficult to name a trust and, as a rule, the reason for the transition to adulthood. This problem was faced and Ekaterina Klimova. Only recently the actress was congratulated by his daughter Lisa, 14 years old and confessed that, looking at the girl, could not believe that so time flies. Now the eldest daughter of the actress has their own interests, circle of friends and some Outlook on life that is characteristic of adolescents. And, of course, the process of growing up Lisa’s impact on her relationship with her mother.

      According to Ekaterina Klimova, she feels that my daughter is a few moves away from her and is not so much need as before. The artist remembers from the time when the girl never wanted to leave her, and she, in turn, was very busy on the set. Now, when Klimova appeared a bit more time to spend with family, Lisa seeks to spend time alone.

      “I can say to myself that, of course, I’m getting older, and tactics of my education is different, and needs different, – said Ekaterina. – I want to love more, to spend more time together, at home, in the family circle. But at the same time the eldest daughter just needs less and less in my society, and I understand that now, when I’m ready for her to give something, it closes, she has her own world. And if before, when I said, “You need your own room”, she cried and didn’t want to sleep alone, now she closes the door and, frankly, not always waiting for me”.

      Meanwhile, Elizabeth grows versatile developed girl, she has many friends and colorful life. Among her interests Klimova – experiments with their own appearance. So, the girl loves Gothic imagery. On his page in the social network she regularly publishes selfie with the painted face. Perhaps someone such portraits could scare you, but friends Lisa they cause a complete delight. It is noteworthy that the girl’s mother trying to support her interests and Hobbies. In the microblog actress also appeared photo of the daughter as a “dead bride” for Halloween. Star tries to do everything to be their children friend and be able to stay more often with them.

      “Already want to start making your money work for you, and you just lived, and worked only for pleasure. To be able to communicate more with children, – frankly said Klimova in an interview with the magazine “Good advice”. – Most importantly, I recently realized that I love…to lie with their children in the hospital, because at that time belong only to the child, and specific. Got nowhere to be, nobody to call, nothing true home, not leaving, but you can safely read, to communicate.”

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