Екатерина Климова встала на защиту молодого мужа
The marriage artist is the ridicule and discussion.

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi


Ekaterina Klimova for more than two years living under pressure from the companies. Actress divorce with Igor Petrenko and the subsequent marriage to Gela Meskhi still cause fans of discussion and criticism. Ekaterina recently spoke out on account of marriage with a young husband. She admitted she is well aware of the ridicule of others over her family. However, the relationship with Gela for her very comfortable.

In other words, in dealing with her husband, she absolutely does not feel the age difference. Klimova, for instance, often behaves in everyday life as a young child. Meskhi, on the contrary, judicious and wise. So the dates in the passports of the family of the actress have no meaning.

“Sometimes relationships interfere with different stereotypes — for example, my husband is younger than me and is very often the object of jokes and discussions, but in our relationship I feel he is much wiser than I, I’m the opposite usually act like a child.In this we all are different but at the same time favorite and native. Opposites attract!” — said Catherine.

Recall that in 2015 Klimova and Meskhi were married. In the same year was born their daughter Bella. In addition, Klimov has two sons and one daughter from previous marriages.