Ekaterina Klimova begged for the role in “Poor Nastya”

Екатерина Климова вымолила роль в «Бедной Насте» The actress remembered the work, after which she woke up famous. After the success of “Poor Nastya” to Ekaterina Klimova started receiving hundreds of letters from fans who dreamed of meeting her. However, before to play in the popular TV show, the actress suffered from depression.
Екатерина Климова вымолила роль в «Бедной Насте»

40-year-old Ekaterina Klimova – mother of many children and a busy actress. The actress became famous after she played in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. Catherine got the role of Princess Natalia Repnina the sisters of the main character performed by Peter Krasilov. Since the premiere of the project took about fifteen years.

In a recent interview Klimov openly talked about how he got the role that made her a star. Shooting in the TV series associate Catherine with the birth of his daughter Elizabeth Khoroshilova. After the actress appeared in the heiress, she plunged into depression.

“It’s funny, but when asked about “Poor Nastya”, the first thing that comes to mind — gave birth to Lisa, his eldest daughter. Then, like work, success, probably more than anything else. A year and a half I sat with Lisa on maternity leave: no babysitters, nurseries, only the help of grandmothers. And I covered the real postpartum depression. I lowered my arms, I decided that there is nothing new to me in this profession is not going to happen,” shared the celebrity reporters.

But then Catherine miracle. The actress admitted that she does not like to talk about religion, but that it happened cannot be called in other words.

“I remember, came to the temple in despair, standing crying, put candles all the saints, whom he knew, remained only one icon — the Holy great Martyr Anastasia. I pass by it, and I have a friend actress Anastasiya Busygina, introduced us, by the way, the Theater of the Russian army. Give, I think, Nastya for health put. I don’t even remember, told her the story or is still there, but the same day I called and was told that I was approved in the series “Poor Nastya”. Only after some time comparing the two events is clear: it is a miracle that will change my life,” shared the star.

According to the memoirs of Catherine the casting lasted about two years. Every time she passed by doors labeled “Poor Nastya” on “Mosfilm”, then saw the crowd of artists wishing to take part in the filming. In the midst of postpartum depression Klimov went to rest in Turkey. When she returned, she asked to try.

“I thought: “Maybe, at least the role of servant?” And I was one of the main, having faith that the sun shooting washed away,” said Klimova magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.