Ekaterina Klimova and Tatiana lutaeva save a dying from cancer artist

Екатерина Климова и Татьяна Лютаева спасают умирающую от рака художницу Actress trying to help the Director Catherine Zaletaeva. Doctors have found women cancer 4th stage. Stars of cinema and theatre published a few posts on Instagram with a request to help a colleague.

Ekaterina Klimova and Tatiana lutaeva trying to save dying cancer girlfriend Catherine Zaletaeva. Woman for several years he worked as art Director on some film sets with famous actors.

“Friends! Our great friend and a great man, a talented art Director movie Catherine Zaletaev, is in trouble! She was diagnosed with cancer, 4th stage. To date, she has already been operated, it will be a difficult way of rehabilitation and chemotherapy”, – Klimov said in his Instagram.

Tatiana lutaeva supported Klimov. The artist has published in his Instagram Bank account details spouse Zaletaeva currency translation – for the treatment of women. Both Actresses urged fans not to remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

“Speedy recovery!”, “To God to ask for help, he is a loving father, then – wonders!”, “Sad,” commented by netizens posts about the fundraiser.

Later, the Actresses who have supported Catherine Zaletaeva, joined Tatiana Arntgolts. The artist also published a post on Instagram with a request to help a cancer patient to a colleague.

Celebrities are often asked to help their colleagues. So, a few months stars of KVN was trying to raise money for Anya’s treatment Baranovoj, the property man of the team “Pyatigorsk”. The girl was engaged to be married with a member of the Moscow team “Parapaparam” Sergey oborina, but the cancer has ruined the plans of the lovers. The bride is the star of KVN Sergey Oborin died of cancer

“In the evening she ran out of the bathroom in tears, – told Sergey “StarHit”. – Trembling. I was scared, hugged me, tried to calm her down. From confused explanations realized that the beloved was on to something in my breast. I have the gnawing – her grandmother had cancer, she was very afraid of cancer, twice a year was tested. Night she did not sleep a wink, and next morning we hurried to the doctor. Next week, while Anya was examined, stretched in the painful waiting for the doctors said nothing, getting no results. Of course, we were not prepared for this at Ani stage four breast cancer with metastasis in the brain…,” admitted the comedian in an interview.

Despite all the efforts of the friends of KVN, the girl are unable to overcome the disease. In early September, Anya died. The last months of Anna underwent chemotherapy, which was supposed to help overcome his illness. Relatives and doctors believed in the healing girls. After the loss of a beloved Sergei began to do charity work. The comedian decided to help other people, sick with cancer.