Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи рассказали о своей любви и показали дочь

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi were the guests of the program “Evening Urgant”, where he spoke about the beginning of his novel and showed daughter Bella.

The pair admitted that their acquaintance took place on the samples for the new series. Gela says it was love at first sight: “It happened at the trial. I saw Kate and immediately fell into a stupor. Because little is talented, she is also insanely beautiful woman. I just struck out… I always wanted to kiss her in their scene.”

Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи рассказали о своей любви и показали дочь

His novel a couple does not advertise, how, in fact, and the fact that they became husband and wife. To Klimov gave a positive response to the proposal Meskhi of marriage, he had to take a knee twice: “We went to new York, I wanted to impress Kate. Our suitcases got lost somewhere, we were little “pomarici”… We lived near the Guggenheim Museum, there was Central Park where we walked. Rickshaw told us about the bridge, where everything is make offer… without thinking, I knelt down. The second time I made an offer already in France, in Paris, on the Eiffel tower”.

Now Catherine and Gela happy together. They raise children Actresses from previous marriages and, of course, their child, daughter Bella, who was born in the fall of 2015.

“She’s very beautiful. She like myself. Kisses himself in the mirror,” said Catherine at that moment, when Ivan Urgant showed a funny photo of a baby.