Ekaterina Guseva was surprised by the grown children

Екатерина Гусева удивила снимком подросших детей Fans admire the fact that the young mothers are adult heirs. Ekaterina Guseva showed a son and a daughter, calling the fans a fit of emotion. They believe that the actress should give birth to another, because it produces incredibly beautiful children.
Екатерина Гусева удивила снимком подросших детей

Actress Ekaterina Guseva rarely pleases fans with stories about his family, preferring to keep this secret a part of life. 40-year-old Ekaterina Guseva admired figure in bikini

In the microblog star of musicals and TV series regularly captures rehearsals and performances, but sharing photos with her husband and children Catherine publishes rarely. But because each such post subscribers actress met with virtual applause.

So, very happily responded to loyal fans of Ekaterina Guseva on the her son and daughter, who recently shared a stellar mom. It 18-year-old son Guseva, Alexey holds on his shoulder a younger sister, six-year-old Anna.

“My children, God bless you”, – signed photo of the actress.

Frame touched by the fans of the stars, they showered the kids with compliments, claiming that Catherine should give birth to more, because the heirs of her and her husband Vladimir Abashkin are incredibly beautiful. Plus, fans are surprised that a young mom is already grown-up son and daughter.

“As a daughter like you! Just lovely”, “Katyusha, give birth to the third. When such beautiful children, it is necessary to procreate,” “Daughter – copy of mom. Really cute my dear!”, “You have very beautiful children. Lovely!”, “A son for a mother is very similar! Copy!”, “And is this man your son?”, “Such a young and beautiful mom were so grown up and beautiful children”, “Oh, what a son is great! Daughter pretty like her mother!” Katyusha, children are your pride, as pretty as you!” – admire the followers of the actress.

It is worth noting that Ekaterina Guseva and her husband Vladimir Abashkin live happily married for more than twenty years. In one interview, the movie star admitted that she is not afraid to leave my husband as I’m sure in their relationship. Despite the fact that they have not just a disagreement, suitcases no one is going to get a divorce and not offered. According to Catherine, in the family there is complete trust. Vladimir has long ceased to focus on the fact that his wife frequently comes home with bouquets from fans.

Last summer, the actress and her husband celebrated your wedding anniversary. On this occasion, they agreed to hold together for three weeks. Ekaterina and Vladimir flew away on vacation, taking their children with them.