Ekaterina Guseva was imprisoned

Екатерина Гусева оказалась в заточении
The actress played the wife of a traitor to the Motherland.

Екатерина Гусева оказалась в заточении

Kirill Pletnev

Photo: Press service

Екатерина Гусева оказалась в заточении

Ekaterina Guseva

Photo: Sergey Milan

Ekaterina Guseva on
their own experience to feel what it’s like to get into one of the female colonies. In the new series “A. L. J. I. P” (Akmola camp of wives of traitors
Home), the shooting of which began in the Crimea, the actress plays the role of outstanding
Opera singer Sofia Ter-Asaturov arrested on the denunciation of his mistress

“The prisoners had
to survive in inhuman conditions: red-hot steppe, myriad
insects, hard work, — said Gusev. — Many of these women, wives
cultural figures, military officers — were not adapted to such
life before the camp, they did not know what physical labour, hunger, beatings. It’s all very scary, and impossible to forget.”

The main roles in the project
in addition Catherine will play Ekamasova Daria and Kirill Pletnev. Daria plays a
the prisoners, the wife of aircraft designer Olga Pavlov, Kirill Pletnev became chief
camp guard. The actor who played Prince Oleg in the sensational film “Viking”, perfectly good characters “in form”:
during his acting career he has been captain of the criminal investigation, guard,
Sergeant, detachment commander of the marine corps and an officer of the NKVD. According to the actor,
the film script hooked him because “he is scared”.

“This project is about how some people
destroy others, in the framework of one country, — says Kirill. —
as people begin to change dramatically, and change their fear. Fear soaked
the whole scenario, it me hooked.”

In “Akmola Camp For Wives Of Traitors
Homeland” contained more than eight thousand women, including the sister of Marshal
Tukhachevsky, the wife of the writers Boris Pilnyak, Arkady Gaidar, the mother of Bulat
Okudzhava and Maya Plisetskaya and many others. The fault of all these women was
only that they Csirke Members of families of Traitors of the Motherland. The production of the series
does the film company “Kinogram” by order of NTV.

Daria Ekamasova

Photo: Press service