Ekaterina Guseva spoke about his extraordinary weight loss

Екатерина Гусева рассказала о своем необычайном похудении
The artist explained why she began to look exhausted.

Ekaterina Guseva

Photo: @_ekaterinaguseva_ Instagram Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva for many years is in the same “weight category”. Despite the birth of two children, the actress managed to keep a slim figure worthy of admiration. But at the beginning of last summer, the artist began to rapidly lose weight. Anxious fans eagerly awaiting news from Catherine. This topic Gusev touched on in the program with Sergey Mayorov “One day…”.

According to Catherine, morbid is exactly what she specially wanted. Guseva lost a lot of weight for the sake of participation in the TV series “L. A. W.and.R.”, where he played a prisoner of Akmola camp of wives of traitors of the Motherland.

And in the fall she returned to performances in the musical, Anna Karenina, where the costume fitting with her, a funny thing happened. A few days before the performance she was called by the costumers, informing her disturbing news: the outfits of Catherine “got” in three sizes. They were accidentally dropped off, which led to tragic consequences. Fortunately, because over the summer Guseva lost a lot of weight, all the costumes were it fit. “Outfits of course I had to lengthen… But they were not set up!” — proudly says Catherine.

Thus, according to Guseva, she is “eating like a man”. The actress jokes that she has a great appetite and she is not limiting. Not so long ago Catherine refused personal driver — now she tries to move around the city on foot.