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Екатерина Гусева разделась на светском рауте Last evening in the Metropolitan theater Vakhtangov presented awards to the best actors, Directors and other artists. The award “crystal Turandot” also showed bright rooms. One of the most spectacular was the performance of Ekaterina Guseva.
Екатерина Гусева разделась на светском рауте

On Monday evening in Moscow was held the presentation of the award “crystal Turandot”, which is awarded to the best theater actors, Directors and artists.

It so happened that you know in advance the name of only one of the winners. Before the start of the ceremony congratulated the Creator of Chekhovian festival Valery Shadrin, he was presented the award “For valorous service to theatre”. For several decades man travels the world to bring to Moscow the best performances.

“Best female role” recognized the work of Inna Churikova, who played Elizabeth II in “the Audience”. When the legendary actress came on the scene, the hall has supported its storm of applause. The same award in the male category went to Victor Rakov, for his guardsmen in the performance of Mark Zakharov. In his speech, the actor thanked the Director.

“Low bow to our teacher, Mark A. Zakharov. The last time he sees almost no one of the premiere without me. Thank You, mark Anatolyevich”, – said Cancers.
Екатерина Гусева разделась на светском рауте

Of the Directors noted Sergey Zhenovach who had undergone the action of “Master and Margarita” in the situation of psychiatric hospitals, and the best performance was staged at the Vakhtangov theatre “Oedipus the King”. Cherished statuette was received by the Director of the cultural institutions Kirill KROK.

Traditionally theatre award was accompanied by a large number of vivid and memorable numbers. One of the most talked about performances of the evening was the appearance of actress Ekaterina Guseva on the scene. Star appeared in a spacious black cloak, which she hastened to remove himself. Then the actress appeared before the audience dressed in Oriental style, revealing her taut belly. Fans of Catherine was delighted with her slender figure and artistry. According to them, the celebrity looked terrific.

Note that last week, the musical “Anna Karenina”, which accounted for Ekaterina Guseva, opened a new season. Production continue to popular. By the way, it is already appreciated by many stars of Russian show business, including Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Tatyana Navka, Nikolay Rastorguev, Nonna Grishaeva and others. Performer one of the main roles, Ekaterina Guseva said that during the summer holidays have time to miss colleagues. “Waiting for you” – said a celebrity on social networks, announcing the return after the break. Fans of the women wrote her a lot of compliments. “Beauty”, “Bravo”, “dangerously long”, “Gorgeous”, “Spectacular”, commented the Internet users.