Ekaterina Guseva is outraged that her husband is not jealous

Екатерина Гусева возмущена, что муж её не ревнует
The actress complained of a too large degree of freedom in their marriage.

Ekaterina Guseva with her husband Vladimir Abashkin, daughter Anna and son Alexei

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

Ekaterina Guseva, where marriage with businessman Vladimir Abashkin recently turned 20 years, said that sometimes it affects the degree of trust which it enjoys in my family.

“It seems to me, the husband at me has already given up. Always tells me “Oh, Guseva… Just not smoked”. (Laughs.) Perhaps this degree of freedom must be very nice. But what gets me is why he never asks how my wife flowers?! Could once again call to ask them to control me… But it’s not about him. Full trust”.

Catherine admits that when he thinks about her and her husband relationship, it begins to seem that the strongest marriages are pilots, astronauts, of the conductors, flight attendants and truck drivers. “Because, when you often break up, cannot be satiated by communicating with each other. Volodya spent less time than apart, each of us his business obligations. And us together time is running out. When I go back home, curl up on the couch rolled up, head on knees the husband put, and there’s the bell, and again have to run somewhere… So here it is — our happiness.”

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