Екатерина Гусева пожаловалась на вспыльчивость супруга The actress said that in 20 years of marriage, they Vladimir became a serious disagreement. According to Ekaterina Guseva, the husband is sometimes very hot tempered in disputes with her. After such conflicts the woman a long time coming to.

      Екатерина Гусева пожаловалась на вспыльчивость супруга

      Russian actress Ekaterina Guseva its spotless reputation. For many years of a career on the stage and in the movie she wasn’t involved in any major scandal. Outside of work she is a caring mother and faithful wife. Yekaterina Guseva happy marriage with Vladimir Abashkin for 20 years. They grow son Alexei and daughter Anna. Catherine believes that her marriage was granted to her again. “Abashkina we have the stars aligned. We immediately all became clear. There was all very simply and naturally. No long conversations,” says Guseva, why at age 20 she married Vladimir.

      Catherine admitted that they have a spouse sometimes there are serious disagreements, however, before fees suitcases and talking about the divorce situation is not reached.

      “Johnny I have a short temper, he’s a neurotic, crazy, but he very quickly departs, and I’m sick about two weeks, I depart from him flashes, because I longer to hold a grudge,” said Catherine.

      In parenting actress greater rigour manifests their father. My son Alex is now senior year, so parents worried about him twice: the young man is not exactly chose what profession he wants to tie their future. According to Catherine, sometimes Abashkin very harsh with their heir: “the Father is sometimes aggressive, but then pulls herself together and said coldly: “Eighteen years? All. On himself”.

      By the way, Gusev recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The woman noted the anniversary of the holiday with my family, walking on the yacht. Fans of the star think that she is very slim and looks gorgeous. 40-year-old Ekaterina Guseva admired figure in bikini

      The actress always joking over the age. “My reflection in the mirror is fine with me. I think I look good so treacherous, and yet not understand this figure”, – said Ekaterina reporters “OK!”.

      The woman notes that she looks so young thanks to nature and genes, but to exercise Guseva does not like. According to star, her seven minutes of fitness a day to maintain muscle tone. Instead of training on a treadmill Guseva prefer treatments in the Spa to make her skin delicate and tight.

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