Екатерина Архарова готовится запустить блог о кулинарии
Husband of Catherine Ancharovoj was found, life was back to normal. So you can think about work.

Екатерина Архарова готовится запустить блог о кулинарии

It turned out that Catherine runs a private business, associated with cooking.

Arkharov will maintain a blog, which, along with friend and colleague, tells you about delicious. Catherine presented a new project in Instagram.

“Friends! Today I will conduct my culinary blog that I created with our #Raisesalary for the performance of their culinary experiments, writing useful tips, stories, and, of course, news from the “Raisa Saharny” @raisa_zakharna So subscribe! I would be glad if my work will resonate in your heart. And better in your stomach!”.

Recall that it was engaged in wife androna Konchalovsky Alena Vysotskaya, after which has created an entire industry. I wonder, will it be possible to do the same to Catherine.

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