Ekaterina Andreeva: “The hardest thing not to cry on the air!”

Екатерина Андреева: «Самое сложное – не плакать в эфире!» Participating in the blitz-poll “StarHit”, the presenter suddenly confessed that saves on products and learning much from her daughter. Ekaterina Andreeva also explained why she can scold her husband.
Екатерина Андреева: «Самое сложное – не плакать в эфире!»

  • Most of ALL I LOVE… to see her husband at home. Dusan’s away a lot on business trips. Therefore, the moments when you feel his presence in the apartment, is particularly valuable. The aura that it creates, very humbling.
  • DUSAN CAN CRITICIZE… that is prescribed three things at the same time trying to grasp the immensity. To him this approach seems wrong. When preparing to travel, you may chide plan to get into a thousand places in one trip. However, sometimes it almost succeeds: in England, the officers of the lease could not believe that we “wrapped” the miles without leaving the Kingdom. So crazy mileage was the car.
  • IF I EVER MOVED FROM MOSCOW,… settled in Montenegro – at home husband.
  • Most ATTENTION on INSTAGRAM… @ekaterinaandreeva_official I pay posts about travel. Making a video about the places visited. Doing it in a joking manner, so that subscribers have dubbed me, “Galkin in a skirt.” Also blog a lot of posts on philanthropy – I think if there is such a serious instrument of influence, need help. Still trying to post interesting videos about the program “the Time”: how to work a teleprompter, sound, technique. By the way, I love feedback – leave a message and comment.

GLAD THAT the DAUGHTER took over FROM ME… optimistic attitude to life, ability to sympathize with humans and animals, to negotiate with others and to be tolerant. Always tried to instill in her these qualities. Natasha is a good student, looking at her, striving to be less rigid and straight.
Екатерина Андреева: «Самое сложное – не плакать в эфире!»

  • CAN refer to the daughter of the… by the Council for any reason. And as to the psychologist (she has appropriate higher education), and as a friend and as a businessman and as a designer – Natasha has good taste. Also you can ask her where to put found on the street a dog or a bird: came across as the woodcock, and looked for his new home.
  • THE hardest WORK… skill, empathizing with the tragic events, it does not cry on the air. Always heart sorry for people, but have no right to shed tears in front of cameras.
  • FEW people KNOW THAT… every day I will do Chinese breathing exercises and “rattle” the whole body with special movements, so that in the bone marrow properly accumulated energy and were in the process of hematopoiesis.

NOT CHANGE my HAIR BECAUSE… it is convenient and does not have time “to turn Babels”. Outside of work I go with her hair – quite a stylish. Do I appreciate the appearance, which God rewarded. Never wanted to fix something, even the little things. For example, when all plucked eyebrows, do not touch them. Although makeup artists hinted, saying that too much vegetation. But now I’m trending!

  • WHEN you WANT to lose WEIGHT… refuse most beloved bread and pasta. They are my fetish. Fortunately, now they do gluten-free, somehow helps. Even the Italians learned to bake bread from buckwheat flour – it’s not quite the death of waist, and polusmerti. Adhere to chronometry: from 6 to 8 a.m. can allow fat – and olive butter, goat cheese, eggs, from noon to 14 hours, eat protein, buckwheat, sometimes poultry, meat, Turkey, from 16 to 17 hours – something sweet, for example, a casserole with honey, nuts, bitter chocolate. Prefer to do without dinner.
  • I do NOT mind SPENDING money ON a… training, travel, and good beauticians. All this investment in yourself, especially the last paragraph. But on the products, believe you can and save – are you sure the basket of consumption for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, quite economical. Healthy fruits, vegetables, cereals – very inexpensive, in contrast to the harmful sausages, canned fish and alcohol.

WHEN an HOUR later I HAVE an IMPORTANT MEETING… where you need chic look, paint a face on the silver “smart” mask, which was created by my beautician Zinaida Kudrin. The skin becomes elastic, and his face seems to Shine like you to breathe the oxygen in the mountains.

  • NEVER WEAR… a mini skirt and boots – it’s not my style.
  • AS a TRUE ROMANTIC… believe in miracles and that the best to come.
  • Bad HABITS, FROM WHICH I DREAM to get RID of… there are none. The option of “willing but unable” is not about me. For example, many years ago, can’t even remember what year I quit Smoking. My doctor said when you forget the date of the last cigarette, consider exactly tied. It turns out, I’m not “on the hook”. Another would be to stop using abusive words… of Course, in dealing with people do not swear, and yet no one hears, no-no chertyhneshsya. But working on myself!