Ekaterina Andreeva revealed the secret of his youth

Екатерина Андреева раскрыла секрет своей молодости Leading the program “Time” more than six years ago got on Instagram. There, in the social network, Ekaterina Andreeva regularly pleases its subscribers funny videos and details of their incredible journeys.

Account stars of the First channel has a lot of useful information to care for themselves. Catherine does not hide that to look gorgeous, it helps a healthy lifestyle – sport and proper nutrition. Also, according to her, she prefers not to skimp on the beautician and constantly experiencing the novelties of the beauty industry. Relaxing on the days in the Austrian health center VerbaMayr, Catherine tried Spanish alginate Golden mask containing particles of 24-carat gold. About his feelings she immediately told subscribers.

“Cross my palm with silver” is no longer working – posted in Instagram presenter. – First, is likely to be deceived. And it is “fool’s gold” will result in the disappearance of your monetary reserves. Secondly, why waste time on trifles? It is necessary to invest big in the face. And its gilding. An investment in yourself-the best, win-win, without intermediaries in the face of bankers , fortune tellers and others – “do not hide your money on banks and corners”. All in yourself, in your favorite – sports, beauty care, and good water.”

“Casmara mask is called, but beauticians jokingly call her “cosmoray” say – come on, patosmirim – shares a star with “StarHit”. But seriously, the procedure is very good, gold nanoparticles react with the upper layers of the skin, making it elastic and hydrated. In General, gold is a very useful thing. In the female body it turns out to be six times more than men. And there is even a version that thanks to it we live longer than men. So the Gypsies were not fools when asked, they say, gilding the handle. In addition, the mask contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and algae extract. This formula allows not only to significantly moisturize, rejuvenate and tighten the skin and restore its vitality. And it’s not just words – after the course of treatments I have noticed an improvement in the quality of skin – it was under this rubber mask – tight, without wrinkles”.

Also Catherine tried to imagine the pressure chamber a new generation of stay which increases immunity, improves tissue regeneration, eliminates headache, migraine, helps in the treatment of skin diseases and relieves fatigue and stress.