Ekaterina Andreeva is bathed in gold

Екатерина Андреева купается в золоте
The presenter tried Japanese masks of gold foil.

Екатерина Андреева купается в золоте

About the healing power of precious metals is known for
centuries. In all times of history, people wore gold jewelry, not only
underlining thereby their wealth, prosperity and position in society, but
and using the metal in the base of production of many medicinal and cosmetic
funds. Still in India for health purposes gold is used internally
the form of powder or tablets, and long-lived-the Japanese add a thin gold
foil in water or sake. It is from Japanese beauticians recently in Russia found out
about the miraculous rejuvenating facial masks made of gold.

Екатерина Андреева купается в золоте

“Get rich” before
New year and the first to try the effect of 24-carat gold leaf
with hydrogen “resolved”: TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, the singer Natalia Gulkina
and theater and film actress Irina Medvedeva.

“The Golden mask on her face I feel like
the James bond girl, but in the movie, it ended badly, and I have the opposite —
rejuvenation, says Andreyev. —
Now my skin is like gold! After the massage, due to the hydrogen, all
the gold is absorbed into my skin and here the words “gold mine” begin to acquire
the direct meaning. The gold in the service of rejuvenation and not gain!”.

Natalia gulkin also tried the Golden
the mask and was shocked by the effect. “Honestly, didn’t believe it — gold really
directly to the skin is absorbed? Yes! For me it was a surprise — admitted
Gulkin. — I’ve heard a lot about this procedure, but now decided to check on
useful properties of gold hydrogen care. The effect of the mask increases
massage Kobido, and together they strike a decisive blow for all age-related changes,
besides perfectly relaxing. The effect is felt immediately!”. Irina Medvedeva
admitted that were never posted pictures on Social Networks without makeup.
But after the Golden mask — dare. “Beauty
— terrible force! She must eventually save the world? All we women in the pursuit of
beauty, — said Medvedev. With my schedule it’s so hard to find the time to
a favorite. I’d like to come to the salon — vzhuh! and beautiful, and for a long time…
that’s true! Developed by the Japanese craftsmen in the truest sense the “Golden care”.
No need to go 10-15 times to notice the effect. The result right there! It
an indescribable feeling, even hear like the skin is trying to tell you “thank you!” The Japanese
don’t like any injection, especially operations. They are in constant search of new
technology not only in technology but also in cosmetics. And found that gold
there are special particles and ions, which, penetrating into skin, activate the desired
processes. Golden mask — Yes, that’s gold! And right on the mask do massage
person to heighten the effect.”