Ekaterina Andreeva has told how the daughter had taken her second husband

Екатерина Андреева рассказала, как дочь приняла ее второго мужа The presenter was the guest of the program “Wife. Love story”, which was admitted as an heir from his first marriage saw the arrival in the family of Dusan. According to Andreeva, Natalia was sympathetic to the situation.

      Екатерина Андреева рассказала, как дочь приняла ее второго мужа

      Ekaterina Andreeva is married to a businessman Dusan Petrovichem for more than 15 years. It is a example of a strong and durable Union. TV presenter does not hide that happy marriage because she and her husband are the perfect complement to each other. According to Andreeva, they are able to make concessions to each other. Because of this they are able to have as much time to be together. In the late 80-ies, when Catherine invited dušan to meet with his daughter Natalia, she didn’t know what reaction to expect from girls.

      Ekaterina Andreeva: “In our family the husband is neat, and I’m a mess”

      Interestingly, the heiress stars greeted warmly by a man. He was able to quickly gain confidence and find with the child a common language. From the moment Perovic maintains a good relationship with Natalia. As told by Andreeva, the daughter thinks of the elect mothers your loved one and, if necessary, always turn to him for help. From the first meeting with the stepfather of the heiress to the TV stars were surrounded by care and attention.

      “I don’t know, like Natasha said, but Dusan is very close to her. She does not call him dad, but he’s the first person she will run. Nobody forced her to call him dad, she is the result of scattering were old enough at the time to understand the situation,” – said Andreev.
      Екатерина Андреева рассказала, как дочь приняла ее второго мужа

      It is worth noting that Ekaterina Andreeva was confident in choosing a mate, so decided to introduce him to the heiress. She knew what kind of man is Dusan and what impression it may produce on the daughter. Interestingly, for the presenter’s opinion Natalia was extremely important. If the girl, at the request of Catherine, did not approve of the choice mom, she’d have had to break contact with your loved ones.

      “If they had not found a common language, it would not be in this marriage. The Dusan they had no other chance, he only needed to position Natasha to yourself,” shared the star.

      Answering some of the questions leading the Kira Proshutinskaya, Ekaterina Andreeva had to imagine yourself in the place heiress and tell the story as if these words were pronounced Natasha. According to celebrity, her daughter could consider a relationship with Dusan a fairytale, but she would not repeat the fate of the mother.

      Andreeva added that Natasha is a young man, but about any marriage it is not. She admitted that her daughter is very homely girl and likes to spend a lot of time in the circle of the family. “Something would be, she certainly was repeated from my destiny, that made his own. She looks at Dusan and therefore had a high bar,” said the presenter in the program.