Ekaterina Andreeva has told about the claims against her husband

Екатерина Андреева рассказала о претензиях к мужу The presenter made a surprising confession about the relationships in her family. Ekaterina Andreeva said that it is alarming, when Dusan refers to her by name. Star tenses up whenever her husband calls her “Katya”.
Екатерина Андреева рассказала о претензиях к мужу

One of the most famous TV presenters of our country Ekaterina Andreeva Sunday morning was the guest of the program “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym. During the mental conversation the star told about the intricacies of live, opened rules of a happy life, sounded the secrets of her beauty and reported on how to build her relationship with her husband.

Ekaterina Andreeva has told about cute pet nicknames. She calls her husband, Dusan a Sweetheart, and he is a Kitten. If the spouse is drawn to Catherine by name, it’s no good her promises. Most likely, believing not in the best mood, which was caused by the favourite wife.

Екатерина Андреева рассказала о претензиях к мужу“If Dusan called me “Katya” wrote the message, or in person, is bad, – says Ekaterina Andreeva. It means that I’m somewhere naughty. I’m already mentally closed so baby soft and try from her hiding place to understand what happened, what I did wrong.”
Екатерина Андреева рассказала о претензиях к мужу

While Andreev admitted that her husband – the man is absolutely flawless. She never did and does not do him remarks. Dusan did not give her this for no reason. It has absolutely nothing to teach him. But Catherine herself took a lot from the Serbs.

“He taught me patience and patience, to properly allocate your time, to be able to listen to people, to be able to be tolerant to different things,” – said TV presenter.

However, Ekaterina Andreeva admitted that he did not remember exactly how many years is the wife of dušan. Star argues that this question should ask her husband. Moreover, the media personality said that sometimes it is difficult to remember the year she was born.

Екатерина Андреева рассказала о претензиях к мужу
“I have, over time, it’s complicated. I even year of his birth can’t exactly recall the day. All my close friends know that if I did not congratulate them with birthday, it’s not because I’m so bad, I don’t remember. For me really it means nothing. I sometimes wonder how you manage to look so good and be young. And I just don’t remember what age. I don’t think. So when people ask me how old I’m married… I honestly say that I don’t know how much. And Ducky knows, he remembers,” said Ekaterina Andreeva.