Eighteen-year-old son of Valerie opened a restaurant

Восемнадцатилетний сын Валерии открыл ресторан

Popular singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigozhin was in a pleasant shock that the eighteen-year-old son of actress Arseny.. opened a restaurant in Moscow. The young man who in the eyes of the mother and the stepdad has a big musical future, suddenly opened from the other side.
That Arseniy Shulgin is now a restaurateur, she was the last to know. It is reported that the motto of the institution is “Be in high society!”, the restaurant is closed, it is exclusively for people from secular parties.

“Business Arseny was a surprise for me. Once he invited us as a family for lunch, say, you want one place to show. We came in and he asked: “do you Like here?” I answer: “Yes, comfortably”. And suddenly Senya: “This is my restaurant”. We were taken aback… the Most in 18 years to open a business is not everyone’s strength” — Valeria boasted to journalists.
At the same time, sister Anne Arseniy Shulgin knew about the project brother from the beginning, and even participated in the interior design and menu planning.
“Anya regularly drink coffee here” — said Arseny.
The opening of the restaurant cost the young man in ten million rubles. A portion of this amount is funded by the guy who postponed the concerts, as well as borrowed money. Arseniy is not itself involved in the restaurant business, he managed to attract partners. News about business success Shulgin, Jr. made him a sensation on Instagram and now has over a million subscribers, that guy also believes his achievement and income opportunity.