Мама Егора Холявина переживает за его жизнь The man has already made 15 plastic surgeries, and currently is preparing for a new visit to the doctor. However, the mother of Yegor Halyavina believes that the experiments with appearance could cost him his life.
Мама Егора Холявина переживает за его жизнь

The former participant “Houses-2” Yegor Halavin known for his incredible passion for plastic surgery. A man hopes to change your appearance to become like a living Ken. Surgeons have worked with his nose, lips and eye shape.

Egor Holyavin noted that his mother is very worried about what is happening. She even set yourself Instagram, to monitor the physical transformation of the son.

“I’m saving the nerves of their relatives, and the operations long to tell them. Recently, I tweeted a post about what you dream to remove the ribs. Mom didn’t say anything, but apparently she missed it. So just think, someone is about to tell her about it”, – said Halavin.

According to Holavina, he understands why the mother is experiencing it. The mother is sure that Greg simply does not need surgery, he looks great. Here only the former participant of “House-2” can not abandon long-held dream to become a living Ken.

“Mom is very worried about me because did not recognize his son. She cries and says that will not bear to lose me. But on the other hand they support me”, – said Yegor.

Relatives Yegor urge him to stop, but he was confident that he chose the right path. According to men, the physical transformation will allow him to get rid of complexes, and thus to achieve considerable success in his career.

Fans Halyavina is now divided into two camps. Some of them think that plastic surgery has really gone Egor good. In their opinion, the man was a real hunk, but there are those who criticize the ex-member of “House-2”. “Why remove his ribs? It’s a mockery of his own body”, “You look wonderful, though sometimes too much”, “I don’t understand why do all this? Can complexes, and maybe trying to attract attention,” I bet fans of the living Ken.

He khalyavin long been accustomed not pay attention to criticism. Communicating with portal “Дом2Life.ru” he said that he was going to do 16 on account of the operation that will help him to become even more beautiful.