Egor Krid unveiled rare video from Lukinoj

Егор Крид обнародовал редкое видео с Клюкиной The artist answered to the subscribers. Over a long period of time Egor Krid, did not comment on relationship with Daria Lukinoj. Fans of “the Bachelor” had suffered greatly because of this. In a new video published in the microblog singer, emerged the winner of reality show.
Егор Крид обнародовал редкое видео с Клюкиной

Most members have long asked Yegor creed to comment on his relationship with Daria Lukinoj. She became a winner of “the Bachelor.” However, after filming the romantic show was never seen together with Yegor. On the contrary, the young man continued to chat with the finalist of the project Victoria Korotkova. According to rumors, the girl became friends with many of the familiar creed.

Timothy, who deals with Egor supported the followers of the artist and began to write comments: “Where is the post about Dasha?” Creed decided to respond to followers and posted a video. It appeared the winner of “the Bachelor.”

In the video Dasha refers to the singer: “Egor, where is the post about Dasha?” Creed says to her personally and to subscribers that is not going to make a post. At the end of the video the girl cute laugh.

Yegor once made a cruel joke in Lukinoj. The girl participated in the previous season by Ilya Glinnikov. “Yes, okay? And I don’t know. What do you want to ask me? Whether it is to participate in the program with Buzova? Let him wear a wig and goes,” said creed.

Rumor has it that Dasha came to the project “the Bachelor” on the pull. “Dasha really liked Ilya, but he told her no, – told “StarHit” zoch’s Lakerbaia, the girl’s acquaintance. – She hated the bad habits of an actor. In the end, she left the show herself. With Creed had known each other for a long time, and when he learned that he would become the new “bachelor,” immediately ran to the casting. However, she refused. Then Dasha started in the course of communication. Her cousin Dima was a friend of the tour Manager Egor. They agreed, and the musician personally asked the producers to take the girl in the reality”.

A little later, Daria fueled rumors of a reunion with Egor. She posted a touching post, congratulating the musician with a birthday.

“Happy birthday! Let your personal New year be filled with love, harmony, tranquility and posts about the same Dasha. Joke. I wish you warmth, Sunny mood and good sincere people around. Your Clew,” wrote Klyukina.

Fans immediately assumed that creed and Klyukina still occur. According to them, specially the pair fueled rumors of a breakup to attract attention. However, most fans came to the conclusion that the musician and model was originally linked by bonds of friendship and love was only part of the script of the sixth season of “the Bachelor.”

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