Егор Крид увез беременную участницу «Холостяка» за границу The new season of the popular show prepares the audience a lot of surprises. For Yegor creed will fight 25 beauties, including a sex coach, a girl in an interesting position and participating in the “DANCE.” To see candidates for the heart of a star will be next Sunday.
Егор Крид увез беременную участницу «Холостяка» за границу

11 March, viewers will see the first series of the new season of “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. According to the press service of the TNT channel, the continuation of the popular TV show will be one of the most outspoken in its history. Principal photography was unfolding abroad in Barcelona and Dubai. The girls have to go on a date with Creed in the most unexpected places in the crater of a dormant volcano, on the trail of the king El-Caminito-del-Rey and even in an abandoned movie theater with ghosts.

Became known date of the premiere of “the Bachelor” on TNT

The show’s producer, Maria Nikolskaya noted that the film crew failed to keep the name of the main character in secret. She explained that the huge popularity of Egor.

“In the end, most of the participants knew or guessed about what a bachelor is Egor creed. Many appeared to know him before the project. One of the girls just two days before the filming of “the Bachelor” was filmed with him in advertising, the other was friends with him for many years, some of the contenders of a fan. In General, intrigues in connection with this immediately formed a lot”, – said the producer.

Among the candidates for the heart of Yegor turned out to be Darya Klyukina participated in the last season of “the Bachelor” by Ilya Glinnikov. Rumors that the girl returns to the project went a long time. Just last week they had received confirmation – the official community of “the Bachelor,” appeared the video, which showed Klucina. But the surprises do not end there.

“The participants in the show “DANCING” on TNT Juliana Pylayeva and Elena Golovan, and in addition Nude model, sex coach, mother of two children, a girl on the 7th month of pregnancy, the participant all seasons of a popular reality show, a diplomat, a DJ and even a married lady, – transferred a press-TV channel service some candidates for the heart of a star. – Who will be able to conquer Yegor creed? Find out very soon!”

Note that Egor creed became the youngest hero of the show “the Bachelor.” The choice was given to the producers is extremely difficult. Creed struck the crew of his seriousness and maturity inherent in an adult male. The artist regularly tops the rankings of the most enviable grooms of the star, and his life on Instagram watch more than 5.9 million subscribers. Yegor repeatedly attributed novels with the famous beauties. The artist himself says that the popularity prevents him to believe in true love.