Egor Krid told about what kind of girl he needs

Егор Крид рассказал о том, какая девушка ему нужна

Yegor creed is now called one of the most eligible bachelors, if you choose from the stars of show business. The 22-year-old singer says that is the title he loves, but his life would still be, if he finds that the girl wants to connect his life.

By the way, for the role of wife creed is not suitable for everyone. Greg has its own requirements that must be met fiancee.

The contractor is adamant that he will never be with a girl who smokes and drinks: “Beside me a girl will not be exact. My friend smokes any thing electronic, even this stuff, as she says, without resin, I think, is also harmful. I myself have started to smoke, sometimes sometimes I have such a weakness has arisen as we all probably had a lot of free time. So here, he hated myself in this moment”.

Note that a possible contender for the heart of the creed can be 22-year-old model from St. Petersburg Viktoriya Odintsova. According to rumors, it was with this girl now Yegor is in a relationship.