Egor Krid told about how to succeed

Егор Крид поведал о том, как добился успеха
23-year-old singer Yegor creed is now very popular, his concerts going to a full house of fans who sing along with him.

Егор Крид поведал о том, как добился успеха

Most fans think that Egor quickly became known. But only the young man know the hard road to success and glory.

“Fortunately, I was lucky that my path was not fast, I was moving very slowly. Perhaps the rise may seem meteoric, but in fact it is not. Everything goes step by step, up the stairs, slowly but surely. And it pleases me, because the faster you fly, the faster you can fall. Probably all depends on the artists, and from the team that next. If everything will work smoothly, without interruptions, the chance to slide down much less,” – says creed.

According to the artist, sometimes want to quit, but you have to pull yourself together and move on to achieve the goal.

“You’ve got to sacrifice their time, their health, their strength for something big and cool. You can do a story, you can do more than just be an artist in our country! Show by example that everything is real, and leave a trail as globally as it sounds. It is the thoughts that I have in my head that motivate me to not give up and move on,” – said Yegor.

The only way to achieve something, it is only necessary to set a goal and to persevere to achieve it.

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